Good bye old year, do what?

Hmm… This is a question that I created on my mind to honestly remind me of listing bunch of works to do on the next few days (only 9 days left). Let’s me get straight a little bit. I’m an Asian girl so I certainly welcome new year in the way that Asia people always do every year. Of course, Western people have already celebrated their new year for 1 month. We did too, but we long for more, we enjoy New year days till the end of February . Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

Oh my… back to my works- house chores anyway…also are Asians’ responsibilities on these days.

There are so much work to do, so gather people in your families and tell them what to do.

_First, cleaning stuffs. urggg I hate this from the bottom of my heart. Why? Because of dust, dirty things like the ceiling :)) . But this is a very important thing . Don’t do by yourself, tell the other members to do with you. It’s really tough. Many Asian believe that cleaning equals getting rid of all the bad and unlucky things of the old year. Hence, use the broom to let all the dust ( not good stuff) out of your house. One notice is that do not cleaning on new year days because it equals getting rid of lucky things.

_Second, Cook some side dishes and store it. Unfortunately, I don’t know why people only cook particular dishes (each country has different traditional dishes) on the new year?For example, Korea women make Tokk soup.nhung-mon-an-ngay-tet-truyen-thong-o-han-quoc-2.jpg

I guess new year brings the taste for making the food more delicious? Anyway , Cooking .

_Organizing is the third important task to do. I know that during the busy days our closet, table, kitchen,… seem to be real messes. Why don’t we rearrange them?

_Ok, this step is kinda fun.” Planning your journey “. What are you going to do on your holidays. Me? Travelling.Before holidays, my family will make a plan together like where we should go?

_This next activity is not really necessary, it’s only fun when you want to look back on your life, recall the beautiful or not beautiful memories.To me, I usually write down all the good things or things that marked my growth of the last year on social network like Instagram. Also, it’s the way to remind me of my youth.

_Lastly, it is similar to the 4th step , the difference is planning for the whole year. Sit down and list some awesome, useful activities on a white paper then stick it somewhere in your workplace. For instance, I may write: ” sleep more, work harder, do charity things with friend….” Can you get the picture on your own. Try this activity, it’s essential for your future.

That is all I must do to prepare for an amazing and hoping new year. The first 3 things are so so important, you need to learn by heart, about the rest, it depend on you, those are optional. OK say good bye 2015! good bye sad days, good bye bad people, good bye old me. I am better tomorrow.




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