Who Am I?

Great question!
To be honest, I am not someone so special. My gender is female. My characteristics: simple, friendly( to those who act nicely), easy-changing. My position: student in university somewhere in Asia.
My life’s rule: “do whenever I feel that I have to” . No one can control me. I control my life, I guide myself on the highway road of life.
My hobbies: Enjoying tasty Food all around the world ( still student so money is something mysterious) , I used to like shopping ( no money lately) , watching Korean dramas, listening to music ( rap, pop, dubstep… Anyone favors these kinds of music like me? ), last but not least is sleeping.
My highlight activities in the last 2 weeks is studing Korean ( 한 국 어). I am trying to fight back the laziness inside me . Believe me, I tried so hard.
Ps: This site is for telling ,explaning, writing everything happening in my life . so many -ing 🙂
One more sentence:  No one catches me cause no one knows me



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