Friendship – Best friend

I have big problem in making friends…It sounds crazy but it’s true. I know how to make friends cause I have told you that I am a friendly girl. However… Nearly 5 years then, I played with wrong friends.This annoying me alot. So I can show you some definitions of a wrong friend:
Wrong friend consists of bad friend and inappropriate friend
_ do wrong things behind your back that relating to you
_ always critisize you about your clothes, money,…
_ do not support you
_ want you to fail or laught at your face when you get bad grades at school for example.
_they are mysterious ( don’t share with you)
_ selfish
_ bossy ( don’t know how to work in group)
_ do not have same purpose or lifestyle with you
_leave you when she has boyfriend ( this one is so stupid)
_ think herself as a princess. It means she wants you to serve her, guard her (like security :)) , save her , put her on the top of your friend list . This kind of person always find something in order to fight with you in a peaceful, beautiful day. If you meet this friend, do not just sit there and do nothing, fight back , give a punch into her face ( easy easy)
_ bully ( I have never met this kind of friend but I may stay away from them)
_ sometimes, they can have every behaviours above. Be careful in choosing friend. Don’t be like me 😦
Now, you just acquire some interesting characteristics of a wrong friend, I would like to tell you my next story. So , I played with wrong friends also put these relationships out of my mind. Pheww…. Since then, I can not trust anybody, I stay away from the word “best friend” , I don’t want to have any best friend but good friend is ok. My friends told me that I was dis-caring, dis-sharing, dis-loving. This was serious :)). Indeed, there’re some people want to be like me. They told me “not being care about people make them feel free” their mind is empty but it ‘ s better than thinking too much. I guess they adore me =))
Yeah… I lived that way many years ago and I felt so fine, so strong, so healthy. To tell the truth, sometimes you may get bored ( the only problem).Especially, you pissed off when you read news or status about real friendship on Facebook
Fortunately, yesterday I had the very old feeling back in my heart, a feeling of having a true best friend. A true best friend is a friend have a opposite meaning of a wrong friend.
Last night, I hung out with my old friend in high school. I know she is a very very good friend. She used to like me a lot, she helped me, stayed with me in many harsh conditions. I appreciated for what she has done for me. I always want her to be my best friend. Sadly, she misunderstood me and we lost each other from that day. I still can not know what is the problem… In my head , I organized some reasons: I did not care about her, I left her to play with another friends or someone told her something about me. She said that she would find a day to tell me everything. I am waiting
Despite the past , I want her to know that I am not a bad friend, I always by her side matter what cause I have found some connections between me and you – my dear friend. I hope one day I could say the word: “best friend“.




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