The helper

The title tells everything. Today, I met a woman who is really kind and nice. I mean I have lived for many years but hardly met a good person in a crowding , busy life. The purpose of writing this post is to save good moments in my life , remember and learn from them.

Once upon a time, there was a clumsy girl who went out with her cousins and her brother in a beautiful , shiny day. The girl had to take care of her little cousins when they skate on the ice.She took a lot of pictures for her cousins, also bought a drink, waited for them for 1 hour and a half in cold room temperature. When skating is over, she was too busy to take off her cousins’ skating shoes that she throw her wallet into a bucket which is used to put the dirty safety clothes.Yeah, she think she lost it so she went around asked so many people and luckily met that lovely woman who works there as a cleaner. She helped me to find my wallet while I was so hopeless and depressed. The helper was so enthusiastic. As a result, everything is just fine. That was a happy ending story thanks to the nice woman.

Maybe , this story is so blame and sounds like a story for kids. To me, it means a lot, I feel like my life got better, and my faith is started to re-establish. This moment, I own it. So I have set new goal for my future,that is become a rich , earn money , have power in society. Consequently, I  will reward for those helping me in difficulty. I respect these beautiful people.

Thanks again my helper.


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