I am not a decicive person. My life is a chain of options . I feel lost all the time. I wonder if I had chosen the right one? Im stuck

Everybody has their own thoughts, choice and life. Somebody can be brave in selecting the road of future. They think and they tend to do it because they know what is good, what is bad for them.

Back to me, I used to have a lot dreams . As I said before, Im an easy- changing person so I changed my dream all the time. At first, I think teaching will probably suitable for me . This is because I liked to teach my teddy bear what I had learned from school. Ofcourse it happened when I was a kid. After that, I dreamed of being a singer in a lady group cause I love dancing and singing English songs despite my freaking voice. That was ridiculous. It was not the end, I even think of being a cook ( love Masterchef), a food reviewer ( i love tasting food), a designer ( seeing people wearing beautiful , modern clothes that I always wished to wear them one day), a director ( my father’s job and I have done a short film also feel good about that), … I can list all my dreams but I need more time to do so :)) . However, I clearly don’t like doctor because I hate looking at blood, human’s systems… and so on. So there is one thing that I can be clear to myself. Now that Im talking about my dreams, but something ‘s more interesting: I study a major which completely differs from my listed dreams. I don’t know why I choose that major. Mayb, the schooling system in my country does not support the youth to follow their dream? There are many reasons in the world. It depends on me as well , I don’t know my exact dream so how can I fight for it ? Im such a loser. I really want to avoid those passive thoughts but my life is a mess rite now.

My characteristics are destroying me. I love something only in 3 days then I will quit. For example, I study new language to improve my knowledge; consequently, I quit only in 5 days. At first , I feel so enjoyable, and I have large effort in my heart. Then everything seems to cool down in the next few days. The only result I get was Giving Up. 

WHAT SHOULD I DO ? 2015-10-25 09.43.21 1.jpg


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