I am back with all the happiness.

I have been through a year that brings me not only happiness but also sadness and depression.

I just realize that time flies so fast and I did not do what I promise. But I am back so i guess I am still keeping my promise.

I become a new, positive person. There’s a book sharing about the gratitude that I really impress. That’s why I want to share to my readers (hope there’s somebody read this lol)

Gratitude is to feel grateful about something around us. The book tells us to write everything that happen in life make you feel good, happy and thankful in a notebook after a day.

I will write some today:

  • Mom and dad sent me to scout where I can be independent and learn so many skills like solving the problems, and extend my relationship circle.
  • Tommy ( a girl- friend) delivering a drink to my house, is a very nice university friend of mine.

hmmm , that’s it. I just write 2 because I can only think that 2 sentences. Ok Im so sleepy now. Sleeping is all i need.


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